Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March in Review and Plans For April

I've been running this blog since March 7th. In that time I've published 10 posts and had a little over 300 website hits. That's about 10 hits a day or 30 hits per post. Both seem respectable for the first month running. First month is more a baseline to build on than a useable metric.

I got the most hits on March 25th . On that particular day I re-tweeted an older post AND I added a new post to my blog. I only got 15 page views total. Moving forward, it's clear I need to continue to increase my online presence and push for higher visibility. Some things I'm implementing:

Based off these Successes in April I will:
  1. Increase participation in twitter. I don't know how useful twitter is. There is a learning curve in how to best use this tool and I;m very much still learning. The limited of 140 word and applications that allow for easy post scheduling make it stupid not to further explore this tool.
  2. Reaching out to some google + communities. I've been reading and responding to some blogging communities, but I haven't been promoting my own blog in community as I should.
  3. Pictures. Online readers are looking for more visuals in the media they are consuming. Adding two or three visuals to my work is like twenty minutes more work, but people say it increases conversion ten fold. I'm going to test it out.
  4. Maintaining a presence in the community. I've only been here a month, and I'm already establishing connections with others through commenting, re-sharing, and participating in conversations happening. Hopefully I'm building something positive that will continue to steadily grow.

The biggest things to note: these articles are not actually my three best written, most informative, or most tagged with keywords. What they have in common: all three were commented on by a blogger more established than me. So thanks Christian Touchet, Luna Darcy, Alisha Trost, and Kellie-AnnRussell for increasing my visibility!

Things that are working for me writing wise:
-List style writing. It seems more popular to write a list and have a title TELLING the reader there's only X level of investment you need to get through this piece.

-Quick Turn around. I have a back log of potential posts for my blog. I have six posts on deck. And countless other ideas to implement and try.

Stuff I Need to Work On:
-Too many words per post.

-Creating more links both outside the blog and within it. References helps to build overall quality of work—even if it takes more time to write.