Saturday, March 7, 2015

Guests I Wouldn't Invite Back: This Fellow is Nominated for Either Most Oblivious or Most Self Centered Guest

Scene: Busy Saturday filled with bustling people coming and going. There is one Barista working the coffee shop where there is a constant line of people waiting to place orders and receive drinks.

“Hello Ma'am I'd like a small Green Tea Frappicinno,”

“Sure, will that be all?”

“Yes that's all,”

“You're total is $4.85”

Barista turns around to make the drink. With the sink running and the blender whirring she hears muffled noises. She looks to see the male Guest's mouth moving. She moves towards the counter.

“What was that sir?”

“I just saw the Oprah brewed tea. Is that new, I've never seen it. You know what, I want that. Yeah, get me an Oprah brewed tea.”

“Do you want the tea and the Frappiccinno?”

“Yes, I'll have a small Oprah tea.”

“Ok the total will be $6.43”

“Ok well I gave you $5 so I just need to give you another $2”

Barista looks on the register top. She looks to the side of the register. She looks on the cup holders, and sees no money. Man is currently fumbling with cash. He looks up and sees the barista's confused face. He hands her 4 crumpled $1 that are hiding UNDERNEATH the credit card self swipe. Barista turns and fixes tea while man continues to search for the money.

“You know I don't have enough, I'm going to run to my car to get the rest of the change.”

Man turns and leaves without waiting for response. Sighs can be heard from the long line of waiting guests. Barista forces a smile. She knows the only thing harder than closing and opening a transaction so she can serve other guests while waiting for this one to come back will be having to work his cash transaction and beverage hand off in after she's started moving the line.